We're writing a cookbook!

The cookbook will be published in 2018, and we're counting on our community to help us test some of the scaled-down recipes! If you are interested in becoming a tester, please fill out the application below!


1. Must keep confidential all recipes received from Wild Oats Bakery & Cafe.

2. Must be willing to complete the testing of a recipe within the deadline (between 5 and 7 days), unless otherwise negotiated.

3. Must be willing to fill out a form with questions relating to the cooking/baking and/or preparation experience. Testers who complete their recipes and send relevant notes within the deadline will be eligible to receive a coupon for 20% off the finalized cookbook and entered into a drawing to receive a Wild Oats gift card!

After filling out this application, you will receive more information and recipes as they become available!


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By checking the below, I am agreeing to keep the recipe(s) confidential and to complete the testing of the recipe within 5-7 days.