How to Apply

If interested in any position, please fill out our application (available in-house at our cash registers or HERE).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


  • Generous Food Benefits - including 2 free meals while working, 50% off anything you want to take home

  • Paid Vacation: you will accrue vacation time for every hour that you work

  • Direct Deposit and we pay weekly!

  • Health Insurance: 3 different health plans to choose from

  • Dental Insurance: an affordable plan

  • Life Insurance: a completely employer-paid benefit available for all employees who work 30 or more hours

  • Retirement Account: employer-matched IRAs

  • Health and Wellness Program: periodic on-the-clock chair massages!


Open Positions at Wild Oats

Counter Staff (NOW HIRING full-time or Part-Time - Year-Round Only)

Part of a team of over 25 dedicated individuals who embody genuinely friendly and helpful customer service, who love people and from-scratch food, and believe that the time passes quickly in a fast-paced, busy environment. New hires will be trained to make sandwiches, work as a barista, and at the cash registers - allowing for variety in every work day! For more information about the counter staff position, click HERE.

Support staff (NOW HIRING - full or part time)

The perfect candidate should possess the ability and desire to take initiative, hold strong work ethic and pay attention to detail and consistent quality control. Everyday is a different one at Wild Oats, requiring our support team to be flexible and adaptable. Our support team is responsible for the general upkeep of the café including laundry, dishes, and maintaining a clean work environment. The team preps meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs as well as unpacks and sorts incoming deliveries. Because the support team works with all of the café’s departments, we are looking for an organized worker with excellent communication skills. Experience with a meat slicer and knife safety skills is desired but not required.

Early Morning baker (NOW HIRING - full-time, year-round only)

The perfect candidate is able to work quickly, neatly, and independently as well as with a dedicated team. They should possess the ability and desire to take initiative, hold strong work ethic and pay attention to detail and consistent quality control. Our bakers are responsible for making muffins, scones, breakfast pastries, cookies and bars all from scratch. A strong desire to create nourishing, delicious food and be part of a well-established, community-supported bakery is more important than work experience. Wild Oats is both a bakery and a learning environment, and we are always eager to share our passion with new staff!


About Wild Oats

Thank you so much for your interest in applying to Wild Oats Bakery & Café! We want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about us before you apply. 

Wild Oats was started in 1991 and is a fast-paced bakery, cafe and deli. We have high standards for our employees and every one of our 45 staff members is instrumental to the success of the bakery. We believe in running an ethical workplace - both in our respect and treatment of the staff, as well as our attention to environmental concerns through a comprehensive recycling program (not only standard single-stream recycling, but we also eliminate waste by donating all of our vegetable scraps to pig farms!). We also donate time, products and money to local social causes to help organizations in our community. 

All food is made on-site and is from-scratch. Our number one priority is high-quality, all-natural food and we source local and organic ingredients.We work closely with local farms such as Crystal Springs, Left Field Farm and Springworks Aquaponic Farm to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship - often buying up full crops. 

Staff at Wild Oats are treated respectfully and we have a strong policy of no drama.We encourage healthy communication between co-workers and with managers and we believe that a transparent workplace is a happier workplace.We offer benefit packages to full time and part-time staff that includes vacation time, health insurance with employer contributions, and generous food benefits that include 2 free meals a day and a food discount. 

We hold onto applications for 2 months and all applicants are welcome to reapply after the 2 months and/or if any of your work experience or information changes.