Coffee, Tea and Espresso Drinks

We source our coffee from two local roasters - Carrabassett Coffee in Kingfield, Maine and Wicked Joe in Brunswick. Our aim is to offer a wide variety of options, from the more mild Wild Oats Blend, Wild Oats Decaf, Bella Maria and our Organic Blend, to the darker Wicked French and the smoky and alluring Backdraft. We also offer Carrabassett's Hazelnut flavored coffee as well as Wicked Joe's Jamaican Me Crazy. For the tea drinkers out there, we offer 8 types of Stash tea!

We have a full-service espresso bar, and offer hot chocolate and steamers as well. Seasonally (May through October), we also offer iced espresso drinks and fresh-squeezed lemonade and orangeade!

Need coffee for an event? We offer coffee urns of our Wild Oats Blend, Wild Oats Decaf and/or hot water and tea for any event! Just call us for additional information at (207) 725-6287 or email us at